11 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows for Your Home and Wallet

By Published On: April 1, 2024


You may be debating whether to replace your home’s windows if you’re reading this. We’d like to make our case for new energy-efficient windows instead of traditional windows. 

Why? Energy-efficient replacements do a ton for you, your home and the planet. 

That’s easy to say, but let’s back up the claim! We want you to feel confident in any home improvement project. These are 11 clear benefits of energy-efficient windows.

Top Benefits of Energy-Efficient Replacements 

Great replacement windows work for you day in, day out. Here’s how.

1. Lower Your Utility Bills

We’ll start with the most obvious benefit — cost savings. Energy-efficient windows quite simply save you money on your energy bills.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) reports that temperature changes via your windows cause 25% to 30% of your energy use. Replacing them greatly reduces the heat your house gains and loses year-round. 

Getting down to brass tacks, you save around $100 to $600 yearly with energy-efficient windows. Meanwhile, Energy Star-certified windows decrease your energy costs by an average of 13%.

2. Hear Less Noise

Today’s energy-efficient windows offer the unexpected bonus of cutting noise pollution. For example, compared to single-pane windows, double-pane and triple-pane windows create barriers to outdoor sound. 

Your window installation may include soundproofing, lamination or glazing for even more noise reduction. So when your neighbors hold their annual family gathering, energy-efficient replacements help you sleep soundly through the hubbub. 

3. Do Less Window Maintenance

If your windows are old, faulty or improperly installed, you may find yourself searching for workarounds to fix the problem. For example, common DIY (and temporary) remedies include caulk, sealant tape and nails. 

But quality manufacturers make energy-efficient windows to last, from the glass to the frames. And you don’t have to dig around in the garage to find your caulking gun every time you catch a cold draft. 

4. Block UV Rays

Your home interior sees less intense sunlight — and therefore less intense UV rays — with modern energy-efficient windows. Their multiple glass panes lower energy transfer from outdoor sunshine seeping into indoor spaces.

This doesn’t just protect your furniture, drapes and décor from fading. You and your family encounter significantly less physically harmful UV rays. 

Energy Star-certified windows with low-emissivity (low-E) glass reflect roughly 99.5% of harmful rays away from your home.

5. Cut Back Mold and Mildew

Installing energy-efficient windows markedly reduces mold and mildew growth

Built-in insulation — including multiple panes filled with benign inert gasses — cuts condensation. In turn, less moisture is present for the nasty stuff to flourish in. 

Energy Star-certified windows also show remarkable resistance to fogging, moisture and leakage.

6. Increase Your Home’s Value

High-quality energy-efficient windows increase your home’s value by close to $14,000 on average. Future homeowners certainly appreciate the energy savings from many energy-efficient windows, too.

Naturally, this exact number varies according to the type and number of windows you install. Still, Energy Star-certified windows raise your home’s total resale value by 2% to 8%

7. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Energy-efficient replacements are more than the sum of their parts. 

When you use less heating and cooling in your home, you reduce strain on the power grid. And when the power grid doesn’t have to work as hard, its CO2 emissions are lower. 

In short, the “energy efficiency” part of “energy-efficient windows” applies to the Earth as well.

8. Grab Government Incentives

You can take advantage of valuable government perks when you replace old windows with energy-efficient windows. 

For example, tax credits and energy discounts are up for grabs when you invest in eco-friendly home renovations — including windows. Check out what Energy Star, the IRS and the DoE list!

Tip. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency lets you check for benefits state by state.

9. Replace Less Often

Like we noted earlier, manufacturers make energy-efficient windows to last. 

After installation, you can expect an energy-efficient window to last about 15 to 20 years. The window frames you choose also influence their overall life span. 

Energy Star-certified windows can last far longer because of their technology and engineering. And of course, the fewer times you need to replace your windows, the more money you save.

10. Control Your Home’s Temperature

Energy-efficient replacements’ insulation and efficiency lead to a steadier home temperature.

As you’d expect, when your windows absorb less heat and cold, that dynamic regulates your home’s interior temperature. Their thermal barrier lets your heating and cooling systems work less, which further reduces your energy bills and carbon footprint.

It’s an all-around win. And hey, you’re more comfortable in your own home!

11. Beautify Your Home

Maybe you’re ready to totally renovate your house, or maybe you want to simply upgrade it with new windows. No matter what you aim for, expect energy-efficient windows to look stunning.

Modern brands are far from bulky and boxy — manufacturers carry thousands of sleek styles, types and sizes. 

Speak with a trustworthy window installation company’s team. They’ll find top-notch Energy Star-certified windows that match your bottom line and aesthetic.

Find Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient Replacements at Kamoska Windows & Doors

Are you ready to replace your old windows? 

At Kamoska Windows & Doors, we’ve been installing energy-efficient windows, doors, siding and glass for nearly 10 years.

We have thousands of window installation projects under our belt, from massive commercial buildings to single-home makeovers. We’re not here to push the priciest brands — we work with you to find long-lasting, energy-efficient windows that fit your budget.

Contact us to learn more about our installation services! We’ll help you reap all the benefits of energy-efficient windows.

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