9 Pointers for How To Choose a Window Company

By Published On: March 18, 2024

You may need new windows for a number of reasons.

Maybe you want to spruce up your home … or maybe one of the neighborhood kids got overenthusiastic with their fastball.

Replacing windows yourself isn’t on your to-do list. You search online for window replacement services. But you meet scores of competing window companies and contractors in the results.

Some window companies are too pricey, while others seem shady. Generally, you focus on those in the middle — and that’s a huge pool. Landing on the best window company for you can be tricky, but we’ve got your back.

Here are smart tips for how to choose a window replacement company.

1. Look at Its Reputation, Reviews and Star Ratings

You probably check reviews anyway, but dig deep!

First, look at a window company’s Google reviews and star ratings. Go farther down the review rabbit hole. Read Yelp reviews, Angi reviews and more, as well as any customer testimonials you can find.

Visit a company’s social media accounts. Does its team interact with and reply to people online? How they respond to customers is a big indicator of how they’ll treat you during your window replacement project.

Take mental notes about overall customer satisfaction along the way. If the sentiment is mostly sunny, visit a company’s website to investigate more.

2. Find Its Licensing and Insurance Credentials

Window replacement companies often display their licenses and insurance credentials on their websites. Pay attention to them — they carry a lot of heft.

Are their credentials and licenses current? A little bit of up-front searching can save you a lot of down-the-road hassle. And if you can’t find the information online, contact a company and ask!

Licenses and credentials tell you a window company has valuable experience and puts time and effort into maintaining it.

3. Make Sure It Uses High-Quality Windows and Materials

Naturally, you want excellent energy-efficient windows for your home.

Browse a window replacement company’s website for its offerings and services. Ideally, its site lists the brands it installs (look for official brand logos and icons). You can check whether those window brands have outstanding ratings and safety features, too.

The best replacement windows are Energy Star certified — their built-in efficiency leads to serious energy savings. And if you find a window brand you know and trust, that’s one more point in a company’s favor.

4. Delve Into Its Warranty Details

This is a big one: See what installation warranties, including a labor warranty, a company offers for replacement windows.

You might find this info on its website. If you can’t find it and are still interested in a company, give its team a call. Ask about warranty details:

  • What a warranty does and doesn’t cover
  • What the fine print says
  • How long a warranty lasts (10 years, 20 years, limited lifetime, etc.)
  • How to make a claim
  • Who provides a warranty (the window manufacturer, the window replacement company or both)

If something goes awry before, during or after the installation process, a strong warranty is a lifesaver.

5. Check Its Certifications

Check out a window company’s certifications. A certification is a type of credential, but certifications show that a third party has assessed a company’s work.

These are good certifications for a window replacement company:

  • Energy Star Partner
  • National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
  • American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)
  • Manufacturer-specific (Milgard, Lindsay, Andersen windows, etc.)

That’s a fairly small sample. Still, a solid certification can tip the scales toward choosing one window replacement company over another.

6. Explore Its Customer Service Skills

Five-star replacement windows and professional installation are must-haves. But people-first customer service certainly helps when comparing window companies.

If you haven’t yet, call a company’s office or send its team an email. How do the people you speak with treat you?

A window company’s team should be professional but friendly. When you have questions, they should offer answers clearly and readily. Watch for any hints that they’re trying to get one over on you.

It’s similar to how window replacement companies respond to customer reviews. How a company’s team talks to you online or over the phone shows how its window installers will talk to you in person.

7. Ask About Its Window Installation Process

A smooth, meticulous window replacement process makes a company stand out.

To that end, ask team members how their company handles installing replacement windows — what’s the process?

They should offer a flexible but direct timeline and a range of top-notch replacement windows. The team should also work with your current window frames, frame materials and home layout — but customize as needed.

Meanwhile, its installation team should be collaborative the entire time, from consultation to installation to inspection.

And when your window replacement project is complete, your home should look better than when they started. In other words, cleanup and maintenance are standards, not exceptions.

8. View Portfolios, Galleries and References

A window company worth its salt isn’t afraid to show off its work.

Revisit its website to see whether it has photo or video galleries of its projects, products and team. It may have portfolios dedicated to particularly tricky projects. Zoom in for details.

Then, recheck its Google reviews and social media accounts. If customers have posted photos of their replacement windows, study the pictures to see the quality of work. When customers proactively post photos, it’s often a sign that they’re pleased with the results.

If you come up short online, ask an installation company for portfolios! Those visuals give you an invaluable overview of the entire company.

Tip: It’s smart to get info in writing about the window replacement work you expect.

9. Weigh Costs Against Your Overall Value

Ask a company for a quote before deciding it’s the home services solution for you.

You know what works for your house and budget. And without a doubt, you want high-quality, energy-efficient replacement windows at a fair price.

Still, prioritize long-term value over the lowest price. Balance important factors:

Your new windows’ quality
Installation and maintenance costs
Post-installation customer service

Paying a bit more for correctly installed replacement windows that reduce your energy bills beats paying less for a temporary fix.

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